About Me

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Douglas Edward Henderson’s life has been defined by a steadfast commitment to his community and profession. As an accomplished electrical contractor, his professionalism underscores his story consistently. His commitment shines through his personal life, hobbies, and charitable acts.

Early Life, Family, and Education

He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but raised in the coastal city of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. His life path was strongly influenced by his father and grandfather, both established electrical contractors. This lineage taught him the importance of hard work and dedication and gave him his first glimpse into the world of electrical contracting.

His decision to continue the family legacy came as no surprise. After graduating from Fort Walton Beach High School in 1980, he began his practical application of these virtues, diving headfirst into the family trade. His problem-solving ability was called to attention early in his journey and was undoubtedly a significant factor in his successful career as a master electrician.

Marriage and Children

In 1982, he married his partner. Their union has produced two children, sons, and daughters, who echo their father’s commitment to their respective professions. Their son became an electrical and general contractor, while their daughter ventured into real estate.

His wife manages their household and has taken on the mantle of running Henderson Electric of NWF, a true testament to the commitment and hard-working nature she shares with her husband. She also collaborates with their son as an interior designer for his contracting company.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Douglas’s professionalism and commitment have shone through throughout his career, helping him earn multiple government contracts. His dedication to delivering quality work on time and the ability to handle complex electrical issues propelled him to become the preferred electrical contractor for various government projects.

His enthusiasm doesn’t stop at being an electrical contractor. He took to the skies, earning his pilot’s license, instrument rating, and even type rating for a Citation CJ525. His exceptional commitment shows in the 2000 hours he logged, flying proudly as the Honorary Commander of the 413th Flight Test Squadron at Hurlburt AFB, Florida.

Hobbies and Interests

Beyond his career, his value of hard work translates into his hobbies. His love for fishing is rooted in the numerous expeditions his father took him on as a child. His passion for riding horses and motorcycles further indicates his lively personality.

A major interest that he nurtured over the years is breeding thoroughbred horses. Located in Ocala, Florida, he has had several horses win Graded Stakes races, becoming adept at matching pedigrees for his mares. This skill calls for intricate problem-solving abilities, much like his primary profession.

Charitable Endeavors

He also exhibits his commitment to his community through his involvement in various charitable activities. He has been a longtime contributor to the Catholic Charity Appeal, highlighting his compassionate and giving nature.

He is also a part of the Gary Sines Foundation, a commendable organization that aids in providing homes for wounded warriors. His involvement in these charities speaks volumes about the depth of his commitment to service and the betterment of humanity.

Legacy and Virtues

In every endeavor undertaken by Doug Henderson, his virtues of professionalism, commitment, problem-solving abilities, and hard work stand out. Influencing every decision, influencing his actions, and reflecting on his personality, these virtues are the pillars on which he has built not only an extraordinarily successful career but a fulfilling life.

Douglas Edward Henderson