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From the lively streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the serene beaches of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Douglas Edward Henderson has carved out a remarkable journey filled with dedication, mastery in electrical contracting, and an unwavering commitment to uplifting his community.

Hailing from a lineage of skilled electrical contractors, his father, and grandfather played crucial roles in instilling values of hard work and dedication, shaping his perspective and approach to life. Upon graduating from Fort Walton Beach High School in 1980, he seamlessly transitioned into the family business, demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of the electrical trade.

In 1982, his personal life flourished as he married his soulmate, and together, they built a family, imparting values of dedication and excellence to their children. His son chose a path similar to his, joining the fields of electrical and general contracting, while his daughter found her passion in real estate. His wife, a true partner in every sense, manages their home and plays a vital role in Henderson Electric of NWF, showcasing the strong teamwork that defines their family.

Throughout his career, Douglas has proven his reliability and expertise as an electrical contractor, garnering numerous government contracts and showcasing an adept ability to tackle complex electrical challenges. His love for aviation has also taken flight, earning him a pilot’s license and the prestigious position of Honorary Commander of the 413th Flight Test Squadron at Hurlburt AFB in Florida.

Outside of work, his life is a tapestry of hobbies that reflect his adventurous spirit, from fishing trips that remind him of his childhood with his father to horse riding and motorcycling adventures that speak to his zest for life. His venture into thoroughbred horse breeding has also seen success, with several of his horses winning Graded Stakes races, further highlighting his strategic and analytical skills.

His sense of responsibility extends to his community, demonstrated through his active involvement in charitable initiatives like the Catholic Charity Appeal and the Gary Sines Foundation, which supports wounded warriors. These endeavors reveal his compassionate nature and belief in giving back to society.

In every aspect of his life, Doug Henderson exemplifies professionalism, dedication, and a generous spirit, creating a legacy that is not only successful but also deeply impactful and inspiring.

Douglas Edward Henderson



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